Educational Field Trips at Sparkles

Sparkles Family Fun Centers offers a variety of educational field trips for different grade levels. We offer a Kindergarten, Second, and Fourth grade field trip. The cost is $10 per student and it includes pizza and drink. There will be no charge for teachers. Second and Fourth grade students will have the option to skate for free as well. Here is what each program offers:

Kindergarten – Students will investigate how objects move during hands on experiments. Children will have the opportunity to use our PlayZone to learn all about force and motion while they manipulate objects and illustrate their methods.

Second Grade– Students will learn all about the effects of force, friction, and gravity of moving objects. They will be able to demonstrate changes in speed and direction through pushes and pulls.

Fourth Grade – During this educational field trip, students will use materials such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, and lights to conduct their own experiments in our black room. The next activity will have the students demonstrating how sound is produced through vibrating objects and how it can be varied by changing the rate of vibrations.

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