The Benefits of Roller-Skating

The popularity of roller-skating has really escalated over the past decade. Coincidentally childhood obesity has risen as well. Roller-skating does have a little secret that nobody ever really talks about. Roller-skating is actually a wonderful way to get in your daily exercise without having to hit the gym.

Roller-skating is ranked among the best aerobic exercises according to the American Heart Association. Roller-skating is a workout that involves all of the body’s muscles, especially the heart. The National Institute for Fitness and Sports claims that roller-skating works most of the major muscle groups: glutes, quads, abdomen, calves and arms! The AHA claims that roller-skating is equivalent to a biking or jogging workout. 

The best part of roller-skating is that it is a great aerobic workout and fun at the same time. Most people who do quit their exercise routine is because of boredom. Skating to good music is anything but boring!

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