All About Roller-Blades

RollerBlades, or inline skates, were invented in the 1700’s when a Dutchman attached wooden spools to strips of wood and nailed them to his shoes. By 1863, an American developed the conventional rollerskate model.

 By 1980, the Olsen brothers though up a design for the perfect skate for off-season hockey training. The manufacturing took place in their parents’ basement, and quickly exploded all over their home state of Minnesota.

 The name Rollerblade quickly became a generic name for all of the inline skate all over the country, putting their trademark in jeopardy. Today there are 60 in-line skate manufacturers. Rollerblade, however, was the first to create polyurethane boot and wheels, heel breaks, and the development of Active Break technology. The name Rollerblade now has over 200 patents.

 If you are interested in trying out Rollerblades for the first time, come see us at Sparkles Family Fun Centers in Hiram, GA.

image from flickr


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