Helpful Hints for Your Sparkles Roller Rink Skating Party

When it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday with Sparkles, we understand that parents want to make sure that they have everything they need to make the party run smoothly. In order to do this, our team has come up with a few helpful party tips.

  • Make sure that the parent responsible for chaperoning the party shows up at least 10 minutes early. We are not able to let the party members in until you are here.
  • Once you have arrived, give you guest list to the cashier on hand. Only those on the guest list will be allowed to enter. Any additional guests, such as friends or siblings, will be asked to pay separately.
  • After you are all checked in at the skating rink, ask to speak with the host party manager, and they will walk you through your party schedule for the day.
  • Please remember that food and drinks are not permitted in the skating area; birthday cake is the only exception.
  • Parents of the children attending the party may skate for half off that day. Rental for skates will also be $3.50.
  • Socks must be worn by all guests at the party at all times.
  • Tip for the party hostess is entirely up to you. Our normal recommendation is $2 per child.

For any other questions concerning your child’s birthday, scout, or team party, please contact us at Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram, GA.

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