Roller Skating Styles

Here at Sparkles Family Fun Centers in Hiram, GA we see a lot of different skating styles going on. Did you know there are a lot more different types of skating that you may or may not be familiar with?

Jam Skating

Some folks may remember Jam skating as a casual form of skating done on the weekends, but like any other activity, as times change it transforms and becomes redefined. Jam skating is not speed skating or aggressive skating but a blend of dance, gymnastics and skating, all accomplished on roller skates.

Rink Skating

Rink skating is a very social form of skating similar to a roller party combined with laughter and having a great time, all while rolling around on roller-skates. Typically, music with a high-energy is playing in the background.

Quadline Skating

Quadline skating is when you take a standard looking pair of Roller-skates and apply special frames and inline skate wheels to them making them more maneuverable, fast and stable.

For more information on different roller-skating techniques, visit us at Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram, GA.

image from flickr

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