Calling All Scouts!

Are your little ones involved in the Scout program?

Did you know that Sparkles can help them earn a roller skating loop or patch? WE CAN! Sparkles is happy to provide a trained instructor to give your girl scout or boy scout a lesson in roller skating safety and technique.

To earn their loop, scouts must be able to*:

  • Understand the need for proper safety equipment and be able to adequately explain ways to protect themselves while roller skating or in-line skating
  • Spend at least 30 minutes on wheels! Scouts will practice the skills of roller skating or in-line skating
  • Here’s where parents can join in… Scouts must (and will be happy to) go skating with a family member (or den) for at least 3 hours. Scouts should chart this time!
What a fun way to progress in the scout program!
Give us a call or swing by to learn more!

*specifics may vary by troupe

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