Build Your Own Custom Skates

I don’t know about you but I’m a believer in the fact that things are a lot more valuable when they are hand made. The chances of you having the same personal connection to a model car you bought pre-made from the store, and one you and your brother spent weeks building from scratch are probably slim to none. There is something special about knowing what you have is one-of-a-kind, especially if you made it that way with your own two hands. The same can be said for building your own roller skates!

It may sound like a difficult task but it’s not as hard as it seems. Here are the basics points you need to focus on.

What’s on your foot? – while style and comfort are important things to consider, safety is number one. Think about the durability and weight of the shoe and how your choice may effect how you move. Also think about how much coverage your shoe custom roller skatesprovides. While flexibility is something many people look for, protecting your ankles may turn you more in the direction of a high-top style.

What’s on the ground? – wheels, wheels wheels. There are so many options out there for the perfect skate wheel, and thankfully, they are interchangeable as you transition through different seasons and the type of terrain you are skating.

What’s in between? – the trucks and hangers are the magic makers in your customized skates. They will allow for varied wheel placement and style, and essentially ‘define’ your skates.

What lets you stop? – you may choose to forego adding toe stops to your skates, but for skaters who learned to skate with them, it may be quite an adjustment to lose them.  Proper mounting of toe stops is extremely important, as inadequate placement could damage the skate and the skater.

Building your own skates is not a task that can be done in a flash. It takes skill and focus to ensure you are creating something safe and durable. So, if you have never built anything like this before, grabbing a friend with experience is definitely a must.

Use this helpful tutorial from to get started and good luck! When you finish, be sure you bring them by Sparkles Hiram to show them off!

photo from flickr: teamstickergiant

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