How Sparkles Got Its Name

How does a Roller Skating Rink get its name? Does the owner just come up with it on a whim or is it debated over amongst board members and businessmen? It’s different for everyone, but when it comes to how Sparkles Family Fun Centers got it’s name, there’s far more ‘behing the scenes’ than you might think!

Did you know Sparkles was originally going to be called “Lollipops”? Well now you do!  In fact, all of the original rinks (Smyrna, Kennesaw, Hiram, etc.) had individual names.  When Albert Couey wanted to start advertising he realized how expensive and time consuming it would be to promote each rink individually so he made the decision to put them all under one name, Lollipops. When the 6th location was being built a sign was put up inviting local residents to Skate at the Lollipops in your area Harmless right? That’s what Albert thought.


There was a skating rink in the Atlanta area that had a similarly SWEET name, Jellibeans.  Soon after the Lollipops sign went up, some of the Jellibean patrons began questioning whether or not the new rink was a branch of their business. When the Jellibeans owner found out about the confusion, he took Couey to court over the name. Unfortunately Lollipops lost out and the court ruled that the new name could not be anything confectionery so as to not confuse it with Jellibeans.

So how did the name Sparkles stick?

For those of you who know Julie and Glen, you may also know they have a cat named Sparky. Julie and Albert were very close so when the time came to decide on a name for the rink,  Julie suggested they name it after their cat Sparky. A little twist and some extra, well, SPARKLE, and Sparkles Family Fun Center was born!

A slightly different history lesson than last week, but history none the less!

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