Captain Dynamo’s Favorite Sport

Can you guess Captain Dynamo’s favorite sport? Laser tag of course, and he loved to come play at Sparkles Hiram! Everyone hated to see him coming too because of course he would always win!

If you don’t have laser vision like Captain Dynamo, you can still come play with us in our two-story laser tag arena. We will outfit you with your very own phaser gun and vests before we send you out into the war zone. Make sure that you and your team devise a plan before you run out into the arena, otherwise the opposing players will be sure to take advantage of you from the top of the sentries or out behind the barriers. Lazer Tag at Sparkles Hiram

But how do you win? Each team has a base station, and it is your goal to protect it. To score points for your team, you shoot opposing players with your phaser gun and you team will be awarded one point for every well aimed shot you take. When you see your opponents vest light up red and green, you know you have hit your target. To score bigger points, go for their base station – but be careful, it will be heavily guarded by their players. You’ll need to duck and dive and stay well hidden behind the shrouds so the flashing strobe lights won’t point you out through the cover of fog.

One of the only two-story laser tag arenas in Georgia, the laser tag arena at Sparkles Hiram is something that the whole family can enjoy. If you are not skating, your admission covers your first game, after that, each game is only $4!


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