Inline Speed Skating, Roller Figure Skating, and Roller Derby, Oh My!

When it comes to roller blades, there are lots of different varieties: inline, standard, speed skates, etc. Did you know there are just as many, if not more, different types of roller skating sports? We’ve pulled together and overview of a few for you. Who knows? You might just be the next artistic roller skating queen!

Speed SkatingSpeed Skating

Speed skating refers to inline speed skating and quad speed skating. During these sports, you race around the track and try to make the best time. Many competitors switch between inline and ice speed skating to stay in shape and competitive throughout the year. The world record for the 300 m distance is held by Ioseba Fernandez of Spain at 23.938 seconds.

Artistic Skating

This skating genre is the roller skating version of figure skating on ice. You can compete in singles, pairs, dance, figure, and precision categories which each have their different required moved.


Most of you probably already know about playing hockey on roller blades, but did you know that it is played in 60 countries world wide? It is played on both inline and quad skates.

Recreation Skating

This is what we are all about at Sparkles – a good fun session of recreational skating for fun and fitness!

Aggressive Inline

This is a type of “off road” speed skating that focuses on griding and spins that can be performed on street obstacles or ramps. This is the type of skating that can be done in a skate park along side skateboarders.

Roller Derby

This sport is in a league all its own. Its kind of the dirty form of quad speed skating. It is a contact sport played by two teams of five. Each team has a jammer who score points by lapping the members of the opposing team. The team members try to help their own jammer by blocking the members of the other team. Roller derby is a female dominated sport and is under consideration for the 2020 Olympics.

While we would prefer you didn’t practice your roller derby moves during our open skate sessions, we would love for you to come skate with us at Sparkles Hiram and learn more about the various types of roller skating sports that are our there!

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