Take Your Skate Addiction to the Next Level – Buy a Pair of Skates!

You’re addicted – you can’t say away from the Sparkles Hiram skating rink! You come to all of our events, watch for our monthly coupons, you’re thinking you’re going to apply for a job with us as soon as you can – but wait, where are your skates? If you’ve grown to this level of addiction, it is time for you to buy your very own pair of roller skates! But there are so many options – where do you start? What is the difference between aluminum, adjustable, or nylon trucks? Well, we’ve got some help for you to decipher between the options and pick out the skate that is right for you.

QUAD OR INLINE SKATES?blackbluewheels

The most obvious question that will make the biggest decision for you is this – quad or inline? To help you decide, think about whether you will be just skating for pleasure, or if you are going to join in a roller skating sport. For pleasure skaters, the option is totally up to you, if you are considering starting a sport, make sure you choose the appropriate skate.


Wheels come in a variety of hardness, hubs, shape, and colors. Some wheels even have holes in them! Harder wheels are typically used for indoor skating while softer wheels are used for outdoor. Hubs come in metal or nylon options. Metal hubs are lighter weight and nylon hubs can flex.


Bearings allow the wheel to roll and are rated on an ABEC scale. The higher the scale determines the different accuracy and tolerance ranges for bearings. The scale rating doesn’t affect the speed of your skates, but the type of lubricant you choose will.


Boots can be made of leather, vinyl, or other synthetic material. They come in a rage of styles including high top, low top and suede. You can also get custom built boots from Riedell that offer unlimited choices for style, color, and design.


The plates are the parts of the skate that allow you to maneuver your skates around, not including the wheels and bearings. The come in mix matched options of aluminum, nylon, and adjustable plates with aluminium or nylon trucks.

Choose your mix of your favorite wheels, bearings, boots, and plates to make your ideal skate and we will see you out on the skating rink at Sparkles Hiram in Hiram, GA!

Photo from Flickr.

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