Test Drive a Motorcycle at Sparkles Hiram!

You knew you could roller skate at Sparkles Hiram, your skating rink in Hiram, GA, but did you know you could take a motorcycle for a test drive? You can also go bass fishing, fill your need for speed in a race car, or collect the pharaohs treasure!

Our game room and arcade at Sparkles Hiram is filled with all kinds of games for your fun while you want some time off of the skating rink! There are games like Lucky Zone, Hot Stuff, Blue Blazes, Monster Drop, Slam-A-Winner, and Wonder Wheel. All of these test your skill and hand eye coordination to hit targets and win tickets. Want a real experience? Try out Tokyo Drift and race your car of choice around the streets of Toyko against other street car drivers and see how many you can beat. ​Jump on Super Bike and take that motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of for a spin. Love to fish, but haven’t been able to make it out to the streams in North Georgia yet? We brought the big bass to you with Big Bass. Just drop in your tokens, and play to catch the biggest fish you can. You’ll leave Sparkles with not only a great skating story, but a ‘fish tale’ too! Have you come to Sparkles Hiram with a group of friends and you want to get in on the action together? Try our Pharaoh’s Treasure, a 4 player game, or Cyclone that you can play with 2 of your friends. You can also get you buddies together and try our Ice Ball, our challenging skee ball game. See who can collect the most tickets!

These are just a few of the more than two dozen games in our game room and arcade for every size, shape, and age. The whole family can find something fun to play at Sparkles Hiram while you’re taking a break from roller skating, laser tag, and our indoor playground, the Playzone. The more tickets you win, the more prizes you can get from our Stuff Shop, which carries the latest and coolest items like paracord bracelets. If you didn’t win quite enough tickets for the bicycle you’ve been eyeing in our Stuff Shop, you can also buy prizes with cash, or save up your tickets and redeem them next time you come and win more in our arcade. We’ll see you at Sparkles Hiram!

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