The Teen Commandments

Did you know that Jeff Couey – the owner and operator of Sparkles Hiram in Hiram, GA – is a second generation skater? His dad started this skating rink many years ago, but Sparkles Hiram almost didn’t exist. Here is the story of how Sparkles Hiram came to be:

Jeff’s dad had already started his first skating rink and was looking to purchase land to build and open another rink so he could share the fun of roller skating with more people. He looked for just the perfect piece of property for many months until he came upon the piece where Sparkles Hiram now stands. The land was thankfully already up for sale – he wasn’t going to have to convince the owner to sell the land, that challenge was already taken care of, or so he thought.

When he approached the owner of this piece of Paulding County property, the gentleman that owned the land was not keen on the idea of someone building a skating rink on his property. He had the idea that skating rinks were dirty, run down entertainment that only attracted ‘hoodlums’. Then, Mr. Couey invited the land owner into his currently operating rink to show him just how well the Coueys run a skating rink. As soon as the gentleman walked in the door, he was greeted with the “Teen Commandments” sign. The Teen Commandments

The Teen Commandments:

  1. Don’t let your parents down, they brought you up.
  2. Stop & think and you won’t drink.
  3. 3. Be smart, obey. You’ll give orders yourself someday.
  4. Ditch dirty thoughts fast or they’ll ditch you.
  5. Show off driving’s juvenile. Don’t act your age.
  6. Pick the right friends to be picked for a friend.
  7. Choose a date who is fit for a mate.
  8. Don’t go stead until you’re ready.
  9. Love God, surrender 100% to Jesus.
  10. Live prayerfully & artfully. The soul you save may be your own. 

After the property owner saw this sign, he understood what the Couey family stood for, and was happy to sell his property to such a great family.

That is the short story of how Sparkles Hiram came to be, and the “Teen Commandments” that still hangs in the Sparkles rinks today. We hope you enjoy Sparkles Family Fun Centers no matter your age, and enjoy our wholesome family environment when people of any age can come to have a good time!

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