Save Lives and Donate Blood!

Sparkles Hiram has been a part of the Hiram, GA community for over 50 years. We know many of our regular skaters, their families  their friends, and we want to give back to the community that has given so much to us, so on June 14th we are hosting a blood drive and we hope that you will come donate!

Why Donate Blood? free_skate_pass-362908

Like the Red Cross says, “You don’t need a special reason, you just need your reason.” But to give you a few things to think about when you are deciding whether to donate, here are some facts about blood:

  • 4.5 Million Americans need blood transfusions each year
  • One pint of blood can save up to three lives
  • While 37% of the US population is eligible to give blood, only about 10% do it annually
  • Every two seconds, someone needs blood.

One more reason to donate blood on June 14th is that you will get a FREE roller skating pass for future use!

Things to Know About Donating

If you would like to donate blood, there are a few things that you should come prepared with. Make sure that you are hydrated before you begin to donate, and wear something comfortable so  the sleeves can easily be rolled above the elbow. Before you are cleared to donated, you will undergo a few quick physical checks like your blood pressure and iron level. If your iron level is too low, you will not be able to complete the donation process, so make sure that you are eating iron rich foods in the weeks leading up to June 14th.

Sparkles Hiram and the community thanks you in advance for your donation! You can walk away knowing that you have saved three lives – and you’ll have your skating pass to use in the future for a free skate session!

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