Sparkles Hiram Gets Recognition in the Paulding County WBL Program

Here in Paulding County as well as other parts of Georgia, our school system offers a work-based learning (WBL) program.  Last night Kelly McGough, our General Manager at Sparkles Hiram, attended the year end WBL gala for Paulding county and was pleasantly surprised at how many fine young adults in our area were working and doing well in school simultaneously.

The two employees that sent Ms. McGough a formal invitation to the dinner and that she has had the pleasure of mentoring are Tehya Walker and Desiree Kennedy.  Tehya and Desiree are both cashiers and party hosts at our family fun center, but both of them have been trained to perform each of the 10 positions at Sparkles Hiram. South Paulding High School hosted the dinner in their cafeteria. Their culinary arts students impressed the attendees with their buffet spread of fresh fruits, pasta salad, meatballs, chicken tenders, an assortment of cheese and crackers, and mini cupcakes.

The evening featured a moving presentation and motivational speech from a former WBL student who moved on to be named the youngest African-American manager at McDonalds. Each participating WBL business was recognized, including Sparkles Hiram. McGough, Walker, and Kennedy all stood to be recognized and Sparkles was presented with a plaque for their WBL participation. When the time came for individual awards to be announced, Ms. McGough just knew that one of our very special Sparkles Hiram employees was going to be selected – and lo and behold it was Desiree Kennedy that was chosen for the honor! Ms. McGough recalls about the moment, “I clapped and screamed like it was my own child that won the award!” Sparkles Hiram is very proud of both Tehya and Desiree and we look forward to working with them for as long as we can before they move on to their college careers.

All in all, it was a great experience and Sparkles would like to thank the Paulding County Work Based Learning program for providing us with gracious, well rounded individuals that improve our community and better themselves in the process!

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