Tiny Tots Have Summer Fun

Sparkles Hiram started a new program at the beginning of this year for tiny tots – any child under the age of 5 – and the fun continues this summer!

What is Tiny Tots?Summer Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots are events just for children ages 5 years and younger and their parents to come by and have an afternoon of fun at Sparkles Hiram. We will have themed parties like our Cat in the Hat day or Valentines Tiny Tots where we make special themed crafts with the kids and each month we make a hand print calendar. Bring their favorite rolling toy and they can roll around the skating rink too! We will do special games that go along with our theme, like hula hoops, beach ball pass, and limbo that we played with the toddlers at our luau party back in May. We also have a large colorful parachute that we take onto the skating rink to play games with.

The Summer Tiny Tot Schedule

This summer we are going to keep up the fun with the Tiny Tots! We are so glad it has been such a success and we want to keep it going so the dates you should add to your calendar are June 19th, July 15th, and August 19th. We will be playing from 10:00 a – 1:00 p and admission is only $4 including our large indoor playground. Want lunch too while you’re here? Pay $7 and it is included.

Please share this even with all of your friends and join us at Tiny Tots. Check back for more information about the themes and specific games and crafts that we will be doing for each date. If you have a suggestion for a Tiny Tots day, please leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you and your kids! See you at Sparkles Hiram soon!

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