The One And Only 3D Laser Tag Arena

With “Family Fun Center” in our name, we have to make sure that we keep delivering the best family entertainment in the Hiram, GA area. To keep the good times rolling, we are about to open a one of a kind attraction. It will be fun for all ages; young and ‘not-so-young’ alike. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to Sparkles Hiram, you’re going to want to make sure you are here for this. Are you ready?

Two Story, 3D Laser Tag! Laser Tag Arena

We already have an awesome two story laser tag arena, and its the only one in the state. But, to make it even better, now its going to be a 3D experience! While you run up and down the ramparts, hide behind blockades, and go for the other team’s base station, there will be monsters, aliens, and more coming at you from the walls and ceilings! Where once you only had to run from your friends, you’ll be running from creatures from another planet.

Never played laser tag before? We are sure you’ll be a pro in no time. Every one wears a vest with a laser gun and splits into two teams. You each start at opposite ends of the arena, then tag as many of your opponents as you can! The goal is to score as many points for your team as possible. Each time you hit your mark, your opponents vest will light up and flash and you will have won one point for your team. Head for the opposing base station and really score some points! When the session is over, the winner will be announced. We hope its you!

Look for updates soon about when the new 3D laser tag experience will be open for you and your family to enjoy. In the mean time, join us for a fun evening of roller skating, romping on the indoor playground, or winning tickets in the arcade. We will see you soon!


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