A Swashbucklin’ Good Time!

Pirate Themed Birthday PartyAhoy Mateys! Eye patches, parrots, and cutlass oh me! Sparkles Hiram has shipwrecked and been taken over by a band o’ pirates here t’ steal your birthday booty! You and your crew mates need t’ defend your ship and make aye they don’t get off with any o’ your goods!

On top o’ t’ great birthday parties that Sparkles Hiram already offers, we be now offerin’ Adventure Party specials! You can invite a pirate t’ your party and make t’ whole party pirate themed for an additional charge o’ only $79.

T’ party will include everythin’ listed in your party package, plus, a meet and greet with a pirate at your birthday table and pirate themed party booty. All o’ your guests will receive eye patches, cutlass and skull rin’s, and t’ birthday lad or lass will get their very own light-up pirate hat! You be welcome t’ brin’ your own birthday cake, shape it like a pirate ship t’ go along with t’ theme!

Make your party unforgettable and invite all o’ your guests t’ dress up as pirates and really take advantage o’ t’ themed Adventure Party! They’ll have a great time at Sparkles Hiram on t’ skatin’ rink, in t’ laser tag arena, or climbin’ on our indoor playground!

Parties will be fillin’ up smartly, so call t’ book yours today! T’ learn more about all o’ our party packages, check them out on our our birthday page.

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