Be the Princess of Your Party

Princess Themed Birthday PartyWhat little girl doesn’t dream of one day being their very own princess? On your princess’ birthday, make her dream come true! At Sparkles Hiram we are now offering Pretty Princess Parties – Princess themed birthdays! 

When your princess walks in the door on her birthday she will be treated like the royalty she is! You will have your very own Birthday Table or if you want to upgrade your party to VIP, your princess and her maids will have their very own VIP room. Whatever option you choose, your princess’ birthday will be decorated with princess themed party goods like plates, cups, and napkins and she will get a balloon bouquet with a character mylar balloon. The princess and all of her guests will also get tiaras so everyone at Sparkles will know just how special they are – and the birthday princess’ tiara will light up to make her stand out above everyone!

When you choose this birthday party package, you will get to invite a real life princess to help celebrate your daughter’s birthday. Either Cinderella, Bell, or Snow White will come visit with your princess and all of her maids to make her princess dream come to life. We invite everyone at the party to dress up as princesses and play the part like Sparkles is their castle! Make sure that you add the Playzone, our indoor playground, to your party package and the princess and her maids will have a real life castle to reign from!

Give us a call at Sparkles Hiram today to book a Pretty Princess Party for your one and only princess! We look forward to making her birthday dreams come true!

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