Giving Roller Skates for Christmas Gifts

Do you have someone in your life that is really active, always trying new sports? Or how about your children that you want to encourage to get off the couch, unplug, and go play? Or, do you have an avid skater in your life that you’re trying to find the perfect gift for? Sparkles Hiram in Hiram, GA has some great advice straight from our pro shop on how to pick the right roller skates to give as a Christmas gift.

Pro Skate ShopFor New Skaters

For new skaters there are two very important things: a well fitting, comfortable boot, and the right wheels. There are all different types of boots available – leather, nylon, canvas, sneakers, even plastic – but choosing one that is high quality in the right size will help prevent blisters and other pain when your beginner is trying to learn to skate. The boots also come in various styles – high top, low top, sneakers, etc. For beginner skaters, it might be easier for them to learn to skate with high top skates to give their ankle a bit more support, but this does all come down to personal preference. Wheels are a little easier. If you know if your skater will skate indoors, get them wheels that are hard and narrow to roll smoothly across the polished surface of the roller skating rink. If your skater plans to do outdoor trails, get them wheels that are soft and wide. These help to make the ride smoother across bumps, cracks, and other trash. Keep in mind – you can skate outdoor wheels indoors, but it is harder. You can not skate indoor wheels outdoors.

For Advanced Skaters

We have just about everything a skater could want out of our pro shop. If you are buying for a seasoned skater but don’t know exactly what they want, your best bet will be to buy them a Sparkles Gift Card and let them pick out that pair of skates they’ve been dooling over!

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