5 Things Roller and Ice Skaters Have in Common

Roller Skate vs. Ice SkateSochi fever is amping up. The opening ceremony is less than two weeks away when millions of people around the world will be glued to their television sets to watch the XXII Olympic games get started. What sport are you looking forward to the most? Ice hockey? Figure skating? Bob sledding? Watching carrot top dominate the snowboard half pipe competition? If you’re here we might guess that you’re looking forward to watching the speed skaters race around the ice. While you’re watching the top skaters in the world compete for gold, and pulling for the U.S., think about these 5 things that you, as a roller skater, have in common with those ice skaters. 

1. Olympic Destinations

Many of those speed skaters that you’ve been watching started out on roller skates. In fact, nearly the entire U.S. team started their skating careers on roller blades – otherwise known as inline racing. Many Olympic figure skaters in the past have also started out their careers on wheels. Colleen O’Connor won a bronze medal in ice dancing in 1976 but she had previously won roller national titles in dance, fours, pairs, and freestyle.

2. Hard Falls

It doesn’t matter if it’s ice, wood, or plastic – it hurts when you fall. And even Olympians fall.

3. The Moves

Any moves done in figure skating or generally any type of ice skating can be performed on wheels.

4. Competition

We all love to compete, and it’s obvious that there’s plenty of venues for ice skating competition (i.e. the Olympics) but did you know that roller skating is also a hugely competitive sport? While it’s not as widely publicized, there are plenty of places for you to test your skating skills against other skilled. Skaters.

5. Fun

Whether you chose to roll on wheels or glide across the ice (although we hope you pick the first) they are both a ton of fun, great exercise, and a great place to meet new friends!

Come on out to Sparkles Hiram and join us for a skating session. Try out a new move, a spin, or maybe even try on some inline to see if you’d be suited to inline speed skating.

Imgs via Flickr: Roller / Ice

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