Fall in Love at a Roller Skating Valentines Day Date

Valentines Day DateDon’t let February 14th be another ‘Hallmark’ holiday with a box of chocolates, roses, and a cheesy card. Think outside of that box of chocolates and come up with a date that will be cost effective and a ton of fun – take your sweetie roller skating for Valentines Day! 

If neither of you know how to skate, it will be fun learning together! You can rent a set of our skate mates to help you get a hang of things and make sure that no one has an embarrassing fall on their derrière. If you already know how to rock and roll, you get to hold your sweetie’s hands and show him or her how it’s done. If it’s him that doesn’t know how to skate, don’t make him feel too bad by showing him up!

After you’ve gotten your fill of the skating rink, show her your competitive side and challenge her to a game of laser tag. If you’re on opposite sides, make sure you let her win – loser buys dinner or if you’re of age, we are now offering adult beverages at our Couey Cafe! 

We look forward to seeing you and your Valentine here at Sparkles Hiram for a Valentines Day that neither of you will soon forget!

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