Skate Away The Holiday Excess

Fitness and HealthThe holidays are a season of excess – excess food, excess sugar, excess drink – and long with all of that, you have might have gained a few excess pounds. To help you get back to your pre-holiday waist size and fitness level, we want to see you here at Sparkles Hiram in Hiram, GA! 

Roller skating is a great form of fitness for anyone. It causes 50% less stress to your joints than running does, so bad knees aren’t something you need to worry about. Instead of buying a gym membership, just join us for our skating sessions on the weekday evenings. It will be significantly cheaper, and you never have to worry about fighting the professional body builder for a piece of equipment – but you might have to talk to one of our “rink rats” to get your pair of rental skates, but we’re not so bad.

Come skate for an hour and burn 600 calories, two hours and you’ll burn off a solid 1,200 – now that’s a great workout. You’ll be working all of your muscles in your legs, right up to your lower back and abdominal muscles that will be working to keep you upright and balanced. Skating is a great aerobic exercise, recommended by the American Heart Association. Add strengthening your heart to the many health benefits of roller skating.

We want to see you here at Sparkles to burn off those extra holiday pounds. You won’t be the only one here with that in mind – you could make some new friends!

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