How to Plan an Unforgettable Birthday Party

VIP Birthday Party RoomAs a parent, planning your child’s birthday parties can be more stressful than it really looks. Who do you invite? Do you include parents? How much money should you spend on the party? Should you expect RSVPs? Sparkles Hiram is the expert in the Hiram, GA area when it comes to throwing birthday parties for boys and girls of all ages, here are a few of our tried and true tips to help you make it through another year.

Party Etiquette

If this is one of the first birthday parties you’ve thrown for your kids, you probably have lots of questions about the proper etiquette. How many kids do you invite? Do you have to invite their parents too? Do you send invitations? Should you expect your guests to RSVP? There are lots of great resources across the web to help answer these questions for you. The best rule of them is if you have a question, ask it, and find out the proper way to handle to situation.

Making it Fun!

A general rule of thumb – make sure your child’s best friend is at their party. That will guarantee that they have a good time. For the rest of the guests, to really make sure that they will get involved and enjoy the fun, theme your party! Your birthday boy or girl should dress up as the main character with their guests as the supporting actors. This way, everyone will get to join in the fun but the birthday child is still the center of attention.

Sparkles Hiram offers the best birthday parties in town. From VIP glow parties to pirate parties, your child won’t forget their birthday this year!

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