Skating with America’s Leaders

PresidentsDay2014February 17th is Presidents’s Day! Originally established to honor Washington and Lincoln’s birthday on the same Monday, the holiday has since evolved into a general time of celebration, remembrance, and patriotism. Sparkles Hiram is going to join in the celebration with you and all of your friends with a day skate!

Join us on Monday, February 17th at Sparkles Hiram. You and all of your friends will be out of school, so get everyone together and celebrate the patriotic holiday with an american past time, roller skating! We’ll be open from 11 am through 8 pm trying to pack in as much fun as we can into the extra day off. If you don’t want to roller skate, check out our 3D laser tag arena. The only two story laser tag arena in Georgia! You and your team will be protecting Georgia from the aliens that have landed here and are trying to take over!

After you’ve gotten control of the state again and demolished the power hungry aliens, go for a motorcycle ride around Tokyo in the arcade game, Tokyo Drift! Is something strategic more your style? We’ve got lots of games to choose from. Win your play and you’ll be rewarded with tickets that you can redeem for fun prizes at our stuff shop. If you’ve brought along your younger brother or sister, you can send them over to the indoor playground and let them romp around with kids their own size. They’ll be supervised while they play so that you can have your own fun!

We look forward to seeing you and your friends here at Sparkles Hiram on Monday, February 17th for the three day weekend over Presidents Day!

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