Speeding on to New Skates

Are you ready to take your speed skating to the next level? Or, are you just buying a pair of speed skates for the first time? Either way, Sparkles has the boots, wheels, and bearings that you need to help you speed past your friends, and the competition. Check out our top three picks for different levels of speed skaters.

  1. Hybrid by Riedell. 796 boot with nylon thrust plate and Radar speed wheels.  Leather boot with mid ankle height.  Can choose color of the logo and wheels.  Great for speed and rink/session skating.  Retail $199

    Ridell Hybrid Skates

    Ridell Hybrid Skates

  2. Rock GT-50 Clawz

    Rock GT-50 Clawz

    Rock GT-50 boot with Clawz wheels.  Leather boot with nylon plate and premium Clawz wheels.  Comes in black or white with your choice of wheel color or choose rainbow wheels!  These wheels can be used both indoor and outdoor and it does not affect the skating floor to use these wheels both indoor and outdoor!  Very popular, extremely comfortable.  Fits low-mid ankle and wears like a tennis shoe.  Very durable.  Retail $129

  3. Riedell R3

    Riedell R3

    R3 by Riedell.  Leather boot, low-mid ankle.  Thrust Nylon plate, Radar speed wheels.  Very comfortable and affordable.  Comes in black or white but only 2 color wheel choices.  Retail $125.

Want to see these skates in person and take them for a spin? Come on by Sparkles Hiram today and visit our pro shop! We’ll get you outfitted with everything you need!

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