The Best Jam Skates

When you’re looking for the right pair of jam skates, there are a lot of things you should consider. Are you buying the right brand of boot? What type of wheels should you get? How much should you pay for a good pair of jam skates? Sparkles Hiram has the answers from our pro shop!

Phaze Jam SkateAdvanced Jam Skates

If you’ve been around the block or two and you’re ready for top notch equipment, look no further than the Phaze by Riedell.  The 951 boot paired with premium aluminum hub jam skating wheels makes for a smooth ride.  The plate is a PowerDyne Reactor which is an aluminum plate that is light and very durable.  This boot is fully customizable from the colors and material type through Colorlab feature.  They are handmade in the United States and are measured to fit both length and width of the skater’s foot in order to maximize comfort and skating ability.  This is the ultimate in jam skates!  $799 retail price.

Icon Jam SkateMid-Level Jammer

Are you ready to start winning in the jam skate competitions? The Icon by Riedell will help get you there. This skate comes with the 851 boot with jam skating wheels and jam plugs instead of a typical toe stop.  The plate is Nylon PowerDyne Thrust, although if you want to make these just a little fancier, you can upgrade to other plates for an additional charge. This boot is black and white leather, but the lace cover can be customized for no additional charge.  You get to choose color and material type of the lace cover for the three panels.  This is the most popular leather customized jam skate of our patrons. $279 retail.

Vanilla Tuxedo JrFirst Time Jam Skater

Are you officially addicted to skating, and you want to learn the moves of the other jammers you’ve been watching? Start your skate collection with the Vanilla Jr.  These skates come in sizes 1-10 and an array of color choices from the “Tuxedo” “Grapeade” and “Electric”.  These skates are not customizable, but they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable.  They are fantastic for jam skating, speed skating, and rink/session skating.  Nylon plate, backspin wheels, jam plug.  Very popular!  Retail $199  **Vanilla also offers “Pro Packages” with larger sizes and leather boots. Retail on those ranges from $399-$799

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