Roller Skates for Rink Rats

We have a name for our regulars. You know who you are – the person who comes to just about every skating session we have, knows exactly when the best times to skate are, and knows the name of just about every one of our employees. We appreciate your loyalty to Sparkles Hiram! For those of you “rink rats” that don’t already have a pair of skates of your own, here are our top picks for the best rink skating.

  1. Pacer GTX 500

    Pacer GTX 500

    Pacer GTX-500 black or white.  Fantastic beginners skate, without looking like a “kiddie” skate.  Low cut ankle, plastic trucks and wheels.  Not recommended for adult sizes 8 and above.  Retail $69

  2. Pacer Heartthrob

    Pacer Heartthrob

    Pacer Heartthrob.  These skates come with a black or red background and feature “girlie” graffiti.  They are a hit with young girls and are equally as great of beginner skates without being “baby” skates.  Retail $79

  3. Dart by Riedell

    Dart by Riedell

    Dart by Riedell.  These are very economical skates that are for rink/session/speed.  Very popular with beginner adults and those who do not intend on skating for sport but for leisure.  They come in various colors including a new line of NEON colors that we cannot keep in stock because they sell so quickly.  Retail $99.

Ready to try these out for yourself? Come by the pro shop at Sparkles Hiram today!

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