Building Family Relationships

Roller Skating at Sparkles

Img via the MDJ

Get the kids to soccer practice. Pick them up. The door bell is ringing. You’ve got to get dinner on the table. Now your mother-in-law is calling you for a favor. You’ve got to get to work by 6:30 am tomorrow morning for a big presentation. Life is so fast! When do you ever slow down to really enjoy the people around you – your family and children? Make the time to spend with you loved ones – disconnected from electronics and things stealing your attention – and enjoy some time together.

  • Spending time with your children is going to make them feel important.
  • You’ll have a golden opportunity to be their role model, show them how to treat other people!
  • You’ll get to learn more about your child, get to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve.
  • You’ll be developing a strong bong with your child that will grow over a lifetime.

Roller skating is a great family activity. All of you can get exercise and learn something new together! Already roller skating experts? Challenge each other in a game of laser tag. The family that plays together, stays together!

We are looking forward to seeing you and your whole family at Sparkles Hiram every Thursday night this summer. You’ll get FREE admission if you and your child come together. So come on out and learn to skate!

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