Back to School? We’ve Got Your School Fundraisers Covered

Roller Skating at Sparkles

Img via the MDJ

We can barely believe Summer is coming to an end, but this doesn’t mean the fun ever stops at Sparkles in Hiram. Going back to school means one thing to us, fundraiser time!

Is it your first time planning an event for your school? No problem. We have you covered with some great tips to planning the best fundraiser for your school in the Hiram area.

  • Plan Ahead: We can book your event months in advance to ensure we have all of your requirements met for food and the amount of people you plan to attend. This is especially important if you would like to reserve our party room.
  • Disco Night, Anyone?: A theme for your school fundraiser is an awesome way to get people to come out and make memories with classmates, families and colleagues. We can even provide you with a costumed character to go with your theme!
  • Beyond the Rink: At Sparkles in Hiram we also have an arcade, 3D laster tag and a playground, so there is something for everyone at your event. You can maximize your fundraiser by having more than just skating. We will provide cotton candy and fun prizes that can also be included for a rebate to your school. Of course, the snack bar is always open for a mid-skate refuel.
  • First Timers: New to planning events for your school? No problem. Send us some information about your school and the event and a Sparkles Event Coordinator will reach out to help from start to finish.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Facebook page to see what’s going on at Sparkles in Hiram!

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