Learning in Motion

Kindergarten Educational ProgramHow has your classroom been teaching the concepts of force, motion, gravity, push, pull, and friction? Is it with a marble or a race car on a track? Or with a slinky going down a flight of stairs? This year do something new – and memorable – with your kindergartner students that will help them learn and remember the concepts for years to come. Sparkles Hiram in Hiram, GA offers our Motion program to local kindergartner teachers and students. 

Satisfying Standards

Our kindergarten program satisfies standards SKP2 and SKP3. The class is taught by a Georgia certified teacher so you can be confident that the students are learning the correct materials. The two essential questions that will be addressed are: What are the different kinds of motion? How can we change motion? Kids will learn these concepts through hands on activities and presentations and will get to investigate how and why objects move and what effect force, friction, and gravity can have on them.

The field trip starts at 9:00 am and lasts through 1:00 pm including a lunch break. Cost is $10 per student, including lunch, and a minimum of 75 students are required. We invite and encourage you and your students to stay through the afternoon to play in our indoor playground, our two story laser tag arena, and in the arcade before they head back to school.

To book your school’s field trip to Sparkles Hiram, call Diane Adams today at 770-595-3003. We look forward to seeing your kids bounce, rock, skate and roll!

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