Teaching Kids Community Impact

Boy ScoutKids go to school to learn their ABCs and 123s, how to read and write, science, and math, but the opportunity to learn about making an impact on your community comes from deliberate opportunities that you can provide them as a parent. Teaching children at an early age about how they can impact the community around them in a positive way will help them recognize how their decisions and actions impact those around them. It will give them an opportunity to feel good about how they can help others, and help your children gain a wider perspective on the diverse way in which people live. Help your children learn the importance of community impact by getting them involved with these ideas:

Girl or Boy Scouts

There are scout troops all over the US. They are easy to find and easy to get involved. Scout troops teach your children life skills from responsibility, to life survival, to volunteering. And not only that, but they also organize events for the troop members to have fun, create friendships, and allow parents to network with other members in the area.

Blood Drives

In Georgia, 16 year olds are allowed to donate blood with parental consent. But, if you don’t want your young teens donating blood at that young age, set an example for them. Just one blood donation could save three lives. Blood donation is an extremely rewarding experience knowing that you could save the lives of other people in need just by volunteering 15 minutes of your time.

Give your children the opportunity to volunteer and make an impact on their community. They’ll learn how to be on time, complete assignments, keep a commitment, appreciate the life that you have afforded them, and learn how to become a leader!

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