Field Trip Fun at Sparkles

School FundraiserAttention North Georgia educators! Are you looking for new, fun field trip ideas? Did you know that Sparkles Hiram hosts exciting educational field trips for your students? We offer engaging educational science programs that meet educational standards and are taught by a Georgia Certified Teacher. We are pleased to present programs for Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Fourth Grade students.

Kindergarten: Our Bounce, Rock, Skate… ROLL program helps students explore the forces of gravity and friction by engaging in hands-on activities. Standards SKP2 and SKP3 will be met during the course of the program.

Second Grade: Upon completion of I Like to Move it, Move it students understand terms and concepts such as  push, pull, force, friction, gravity, motion, and speed. Standards S2P3a,b, S2CS1, and S2CS4 will be met.

Fourth Grade: How Fast is Fast is an exciting program where students gain a firsthand understanding of Newton’s three laws of motion and understand concepts such as acceleration. Standard S4P3 will be met.

Program package prices range from $8-$10 per student. Select  the package that is the best fit for your school today! Skating chaperones are $5. Non-skating chaperones are free.

If you are interested in this fun learning experience please contact us today. We look forward to hosting your class!

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