4 Ways to Make Your Hiram Team Building Event a Success

team building groupTeam building is an important concern in any company, encouraging better communication, stronger interpersonal bonds, and higher morale among employees, as well as honing problem solving skills and creativity. If you’re looking for team building activities in Hiram, Sparkles is the place to be!

At Sparkles Hiram we offer roller skating, 3D multi-story laser tag, and arcade games for a fun corporate outing your employees will love. We are Hiram’s party experts, with many years of experience in planning a wide variety of events, including corporate events. If you want to make your company’s team building outing a smashing success, check out our planning tips below.

  • Make it fun- The key to a great team building event is making it fun, and what could be more fun than an afternoon of roller skating and playing laser tag? Split employees into groups and pit them against each other in a laser tag tournament or a skate relay race. They’ll thank you for honing their strategy and communication skills without subjecting them to boring trust falls and problem-solving tasks.
  • Make it easy- To ensure that your employees are able to relax and enjoy themselves, make the event convenient for them. Avoid scheduling your team building event near a deadline or during your company’s busy times, and try to keep it contained to work hours so your employees don’t have to worry about arranging extra childcare.
  • Feed them– Good food makes any occasion more enjoyable, so be sure to feed your team well. Our Couey Cafe features house-made pizzas, as well as chicken fingers, wings, hot dogs, french fries, funnel cakes, pretzels, and other treats, plus beer and wine.
  • Know your objective- Why are you planning this team building event? Your answer will determine what activities to include. If you just want to help your employees get to know each other better and mingle, roller skating and some fun in the arcade is a great option. If you want to improve teamwork skills or ability to perform under pressure, laser tag is a fun way to do so.

We’d love to help you perfect your corporate outing, so contact us today! You can even book your team building event online.

Photo by Ambro via freedigitalphotos.net


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