Indoor Play for Active Kids

Hiram indoor playgroundLooking for a great indoor play facility in Hiram? At Sparkles, we offer fun for the whole family, including your little ones! In addition to our roller skating rink and unique 2-story 3D laser tag arena, we also have an indoor playground designed especially for kids ages one to ten.

Indoor playground fun in Hiram

With multiple levels of soft, bouncy obstacles to climb on, crawl through, and explore, it’s the perfect place for your little ones to enjoy some active fun. In addition to the fun of swings and slides, bridges and bouncy nets, our playground attendants play games and interact with the children to ensure everyone is having fun and staying safe. If you’re worried about your younger children holding their own with the bigger kids, you’ll be glad to know that we also have a toddler area with toddler-appropriate slides, ramps, and blocks to play with. Kids 2 and under can enjoy the toddler area for free!

Active play for lifelong health

The best part of our safe and exciting play place is that it encourages active play! Kids need to jump, climb, and move in order to develop strong bones, muscles, and lifelong healthy habits. With the proliferation of cell phones, handheld games, tablets, TV, and computers, it’s important for parents to limit children’s screen time. Next time your child has a playdate, just say no to the usual video game or Netflix marathon and bring them to our indoor playground at Sparkles Hiram instead!

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