Roller Skating Field Trips

Paulding County field tripsAny teacher worth their salt can tell you: Kids learn best when they are having fun and engaging with the subject. If the goal is for students to really internalize the knowledge rather than retaining it just long enough for a test, then an active, hands-on experience trumps passively reading from a textbook any day. At Sparkles Hiram, we can help you give your students an educational experience they’ll love with our roller skating field trip programs for students in Paulding, Douglas, and Cobb County schools, as well as home school co-ops!

Roller skating teaches physics

Our roller skating field trip programs are an exciting way to teach kids about the science of physics, like force, motion, gravity, and friction, all of which are illustrated in the act of roller skating. A Georgia Certified Teacher will conduct a lesson, and the students will also have the opportunity to put that knowledge to work in games and relay races led by our Fun Director. Our packages start at just $8 per student, making this an affordable field trip option. Admission is free for teachers and non-skating chaperones, and chaperones who want to skate will pay just $5 each. (Due to the academic nature of the programs, siblings are not permitted.)

Our programs are designed for 3 age groups- kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 4th grade. Don’t wait to book your field trip! Contact us today to reserve your Paulding County school field trip slot and get ready for your students to experience a hands-on learning program they’ll love.

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