The Team That Laser Tags Together Stays Together

corporate team building in Hiram GAThe words “team building” strike fear into the hearts of employees everywhere. Fear of trust falls. Fear of hokey “Hang In There” kitten-on-a-tree-branch motivational poster-esque pep talks. And most of all, fear of wasting work time- or worse, off the clock time- hanging out with their lame boss and pretending to enjoy it all.

But don’t worry. You’re not a lame boss- after all, you’re here researching laser tag corporate outings. You, my friend, are a cool boss, a title which will be eternally cemented in the minds of your employees when you reveal that the dreaded company team building day will involve a grand total of zero trust falls and will instead consist of shooting each other with lasers in our fog and strobe light-filled 2-story laser tag arena, followed by cold beer and nachos. Cool boss, indeed.

Corporate team building in Hiram

At Sparkles Hiram, we’ve got everything you need to bring your crew together for a fun day away from the office that will actually accomplish something! Laser tag, in addition to being objectively awesome, is actually a sneaky way to approach team building, encouraging your employees to learn problem solving, communication, and teamwork under pressure. It also helps employees break out of their shells and get to know each other better. The stronger the interpersonal relationships among your team, the better the team will function.

In addition to our 3D laser tag arena, we also offer roller skating, an arcade, and Couey Cafe, our delicious concessions area that serves up house-made pizza, as well as wings, nachos, and much more, plus beer and wine. Our exciting activities, mouth-watering food, and great music will make your corporate event a smashing success. Contact us today to book your Hiram team building party at Sparkles!

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