Fundraisers for Scouts and Schools

Boy ScoutFundraisers are about earning money for your favorite charity, group, or cause! Often a fundraiser is born out of a need and therefore, the primary objective is to spend far less money than you earn. You need the highest rates of return for a successful fundraiser. In order to build support, momentum, and feelings of success and accomplishment, you’ll want to set a reachable dollar goal and hopefully exceed it.

These three ideas can help you get started.

  1. If you can get a local company to support your efforts, your workload decreases and your profits can easily double. Having an off-site fundraiser, like one at Sparkles Family Fun Center, offers an opportunity for a larger audience with more fundraising potential.
  2. Have a simple photo booth set up on the first day of school or during special events, like Grandparents’ Day. Consider giving away photos and allowing donations to be made or offer prints at an affordable rate. Let the grandparents and parents know 2 prints will be delivered to students by the end of the school day. Have an on-site printer set up for those who are able to stay and wait for their print!
  3. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to allow children to send special gifts in-house and earn funds for those projects! You’ll earn a lot with a little planning.

First time fundraisers are likely to start out small and with each passing year or season, can grow by about 25%.

Have a contingency plan for how additional funds will be used. It’s okay to say that any excess proceeds will go into the following season’s fundraiser. Be sure to specify what the following goal will be, however. If you can show another goal, for example one of also purchasing new paint supplies for the art department, this will help other parents, students, and staff to get on board.

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