How to Throw a Birthday Party Your Teen Will Actually Like

teen birthday parties in HiramIt can be tough to be a teen. It can also be tough to parent a teen. Add in the social pressure and expectations of planning a teen birthday party, and you’ve got a recipe for enough angst to rival The Breakfast Club. Fortunately at Sparkles Hiram, we know how to throw a party to please any crowd!

It’s all about the activities for teen parties, and we’ve got fun in many forms with our skating rink, multi-story 3D blacklight laser tag arena, and arcade. We regularly host the area’s best teen events, like our upcoming Ultimate Teen Party. Our DJs play the best music and keep a high energy party atmosphere going strong, and it’s impossible to resist the the appeal of the colorful lights and thumping sound system when gliding across our spacious rink with friends!

In addition to roller skating, we also offer another favorite teen activity- laser tag! Every party is better with a little friendly competition, so your teenager and their friends can battle it out in our amazingly unique multi-story 3D laser tag arena, full of fog, black lights, strobes, and police beacons, not to mention the barriers and obstacles that add another layer of excitement to the hunt. 

We all know teens love to eat, and let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with pizza. At Sparkles, we make our own pizzas in-house at Couey Cafe! We also offer nachos, chicken fingers, fries, and other delicious party food to make your party a success.

To make your teen’s birthday party even cooler, opt for our Cosmic Party Package with glowing tableware and a glow necklace for each guest. Ready to book a teenage birthday party today? Contact Jessica Cranford at 770-943-6080. 

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