Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with Roller Skating

family fitness in HiramIf you’ve set your sights on getting your whole family fit in the coming new year, you should know about the benefits of roller skating. Roller skating provides a comprehensive workout that’s fun for all ages. Your family won’t even know they’re actually getting in shape when they enjoy an afternoon of roller skating. This year, keep your New Year’s resolution with roller skating family fun. Here are some of the physical benefits that roller skating offers.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise simply means that your body is using oxygen in the most efficient way possible. Moderate exercise over a long period of time improves your body’s oxygen usage, and roller skating fits the bill perfectly. Roller skating is preferable to many other forms of aerobic exercise, such as jogging, because it is low-impact; it doesn’t put stress on bones and joints. In addition, roller skating at our indoor rink is a safe and convenient option compared to battling cold in the winter or excessive heat in the summer!

Effortless Weight Loss

When you include roller skating family fun in your list of New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be giving the gift of effortless weight loss to your entire family. Each person could burn up to 750 calories if you only roller skate for 25 minutes, three times a week. Most people, especially kids, enjoy roller skating for much longer than that, which increases the potential for even more weight loss.

Increased Endurance Levels

Roller skating improves the level of endurance for those who enjoy it on a regular basis. Increased endurance levels will help your family to better enjoy other physical activities, such as bicycling, baseball, softball, soccer, and other common sports that most kids enjoy playing. So when you include roller skating in your list of family fun activities, you’re actually helping your whole family improve their endurance levels in a wide variety of other sports.

Are you ready to hit the rink for an afternoon of family fun? We can’t wait to see you! Check out our calendar to see skating sessions and special events at Sparkles Hiram.

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