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roller skating classes AtlantaOne of the most common new year’s resolutions, according to USA.gov, is getting fit! Many people make the resolution to get in shape or lose weight in the new year, but unfortunately most of them do not achieve their fitness goals. It’s hard to keep up an exercise regimen you don’t enjoy, and let’s face it, for most people the gym is not exactly the most stimulating or entertaining environment. 

So how can you overcome the odds and achieve your new year’s resolution of getting fit in 2015? It’s actually rather easy: Make it fun! The best way to increase your activity level and make a long-term healthy lifestyle change is to find activities that you actually enjoy and want to do. Roller skating is a great example, as we discussed in our last blog post about the health benefits of roller skating.

At Sparkles Hiram, we offer Saturday morning roller skating lessons for kids, teens, and adults! Our 4 week courses take place from 10:30-11:30 am on Saturday mornings, starting on the first weekend of the month. We offer both beginner and intermediate courses. Best of all, when you are currently enrolled in one of our skating classes, you will enjoy FREE skating admission and skate rental for all public skate sessions, with the exception of Friday Night and All Night skate sessions.

Beginner classes cover the basics- how to sit down and stand up, how to fall safely, forward gliding, and toe stops. Intermediate skaters will learn how to improve their forward glide technique, as well as backward gliding, the forward scissor, T-stop, forward crossovers, and how to turn around.

If you’re interested in our roller skating lessons for adults, teens, and kids, contact us today to sign up!

Photo by stockimages via freedigitalphotos.net

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