Team Building for Your Sports Team

laser tag team building in HiramTeam building is often associated with corporate events, and it’s true that companies often use team building to help their employees improve communication, teamwork, and other vital skills. But take it at face value- building a team- and it’s clear that team building activities have many other applications, most obviously improving cooperation on your sports team!

Benefits of laser tag team building

School sports teams, recreational leagues, and competitive clubs can all benefit from kicking off the season with a team building event at Sparkles Hiram! Laser tag is not only a great way to improve performance under pressure, communication, creative problem solving, teamwork, and group morale, but can also be a fantastic ice-breaker. Dispel that early awkwardness by getting everyone together to have a good time, enjoy some friendly competition, and then hang out and grab a bite to eat at Couey Cafe, hit the arcade, or even rent some skates and join the fun on the skate floor!

Laser tag in Hiram

Our 3-D, multi-story laser tag arena is the perfect place to hold your team building event. One of the only laser tag facilities in Georgia of its kind, our arena transports you into an intense and exciting world of thumping music and black-lit fog, full of adventure behind every base station, hiding spot, barrier, and sentry. Police beacons, black lights, and strobes cut through the mist as you seek your opponents in a game of cat and mouse.

Don’t wait to book your team building event and get your season off to a great start! Give us a call at 770-943-6080 to make your group reservation now.

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