Set the Corporate Culture with Your Company Picnic

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Having a company picnic or family day for your employees can do wonders for morale.   When the entire work team gets together along with their families in a relaxed and fun setting, staff start to see the boss as friendly and the boss gets to know his or her employees more as people.  Everyone goes back to work with a renewed commitment to the organization and each other.

There is no better Atlanta corporate event venue than Sparkles Hiram to have a family work event. We’ve got something for everyone, young or old.

For starters, we have a number of awesome indoor activities. Skate on the roller rink to great tunes from the DJ, build team spirit with some laser tag, let the kids have a safe blast at the indoor playground, or hit the arcade for modern and retro games.

When you need a break, hit Couey Cafe for a cold beverage and some tasty food. Before you go home, stop in at the Stuff Shop to trade in your game points and pick up a glow stick, inflatable, or other souvenir of the great time you had.

If you like, you can also take the fun outdoors.  Our expansive parking lot can be rented out for bounce houses for the kids, a cookout for everyone, or even a carnival!  Your imagination and sense of fun are the only limits.  If you are having an event for a large group, being able to go both indoors and outdoors helps guests mix, mingle, and move.

We are the perfect Atlanta corporate event venue for companies that want to create a fun, cool, family-friendly corporate culture. Contact us today at 770-595-3003 to discuss your event, or book online now!

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