Kickstart Employee Fitness with a Private Event in Hiram

corporate wellness events in AtlantaDid you know that May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month? This international awareness event was designed to promote the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to employers and employees. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle isn’t just good for your employees’ health; it’s also a smart business move! Read on to learn why you should make health and fitness a priority at your company, and how Sparkles Hiram can help with corporate events in Atlanta.

The benefits of corporate wellness programs

The benefits of encouraging employees to take care of their health and get more active are numerous. Some of the benefits of providing an employee fitness plan or launching an employee health initiative include:

  • Exercise improves mood, which is good for morale.
  • It also gives people more energy and focus, which can make them more productive.
  • Physical activity reduces stress, which can prevent employee burnout.
  • An overall healthier workforce means lower health care costs.
  • Regular exercise can improve immune function and lead to employees with fewer medical issues, decreasing absenteeism.
  • Investing in your employees’ health shows that you value work/life balance and can help you retain employees.

Make fitness fun with a corporate outing

If you want to make your employee health initiative or wellness program a resounding success, make it fun and exciting to your employees. A great way to do so is to kick off your program with a corporate outing to Sparkles! Our Hiram family entertainment center features a large skating rink where your employees can have a ball skating to great music.

The key to sticking with a fitness program is making it fun, and what could be more fun than roller skating? Skating for 2.5 hours can burn up to 1,200 calories, not to mention the fact that it’s a low-impact exercise that strengthens the lower body and core.

Give your company a great start to a future of fitness; call us today to schedule your corporate event at Sparkles!

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