Laser Tag Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

black light laser tag in HiramWhen heading out to play laser tag in Hiram, the key to victory begins in your wardrobe! Now don’t get us wrong, laser tag is an easy and fun game that doesn’t require a lot of skill or knowledge. It’s appropriate for kids and doesn’t require training or preparation- you’re always welcome to show up and have fun at Sparkles! However, if you’re the competitive type and want to improve your game and score the most points, these tips will instruct you on how to dress for laser tag and level up your game.

The nature of laser tag requires a dark environment so the lasers stand out. This by itself presents the logic of wearing dark clothing and avoiding light. However, for added effect and safety, blacklights (among other beacons) are used to illuminate the laser tag zone. Blacklights won’t affect dark clothing, but white and pastels will light right up and glow against the darkness, making you a primary target! So remember:

Dark clothes are good; light or bright clothes are bad.

Likewise, wearing a black shirt with white writing or any sort of light-colored logo will still glow and mark you as a glowing target. Don’t forget that your pants or shoes may shine in the blacklights as well – your white sneakers will give you away just as easily as a white tee. Avoid light colors completely!

Colors aren’t the only part of your wardrobe strategy to victory, however. Laser tag is an active game requiring a lot of movement and quick reaction, so you also need to consider the fit of your clothing. Wear something that allows you to run, crouch, and duck; you’ll need a full range of arm and leg movement. Comfortable clothes, loose enough to move but not so loose you might trip are the best pick. Consider also wearing shoes that are made for physical activity; don’t wear high heels or platforms here.

The last thing to remember is that with all of the physical activity and dark clothing, you’ll generate a lot of heat so make sure your clothes are not only comfortable, but also lightweight.

Stop by our Hiram laser tag arena to enjoy an action-packed game, or book a laser tag birthday party and enjoy competing against your friends for a memorable event!

Photo by Roberta Roth via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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