Toddler Events in Hiram

toddler event in HiramAs any parent of toddlers knows, they can be a handful! Preschool age kids need to be active and experience new things, but because they are always moving and getting into something, an outing can turn from pleasant to nerve-wracking if it’s not meant for little ones. Finding age-appropriate activities that balance safety and fun can be a challenge, but fortunately at Sparkles we have you covered with great toddler activities in Hiram!

Sparkles hosts regular Tiny Tots sessions just for the littles, with different themes that your kid will love! Coming up on June 8th and July 13th, we will be hosting our Summer Tiny Tots events. Children five and younger get to take over the skate floor, so bring ride on toys, scooters, and skates. (Or rent kids’ skates from us.) These events will also feature a bounce house, rainbow parachute, and more.

Even when we’re not hosting special events for toddlers, we still have plenty of fun for the kiddos. Our multi-level indoor playground is designed for kids 10 and under, and we even have a special play area just for toddlers. Loaded with ramps, slides and blocks, the area gives toddlers a chance to enjoy playing with kids their own age. And parents and grandparents love that kids 2 years and younger get to play in the toddler area for free.

We’re always announcing new events for kids, teens, and adults, so stay tuned! You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletter to get coupons right in your inbox.

Photo by Efraimstochter via Pixabay

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