Retail Therapy for Roller Skaters

Hiram skate saleIt’s hot, hot, HOT in Hiram this summer, but if there’s one thing that’s even hotter than the Georgia heat, it’s our deals! It’s Christmas in July at Sparkles Hiram and we’re treating everyone to amazing deals on roller skate packages.

Christmas in July

During the month of July, all of our skate packages over $100 are 20% off. But like emptying the gifts in your stocking only to find one more surprise stuck in the toe, we’ve got a little something extra for you. In addition to 20% off our skate packages over $100, you’ll get a free Summer Punch Card!

Save on skating with a Summer Punch Card

Our Summer Punch Card entitles you to 5 free admissions to Sparkles Hiram! Now you can not only rock out a brand new pair of skates, but also enjoy showing them off for free. And of course when your 5 free admissions are used up, you’ll still be saving money by bringing your own skates instead of paying to rent skates from us.

So what are you waiting for?! Come in to Sparkles Hiram today to find the perfect pair of skates for you, your spouse, your kids- everyone! And hey, since we’re talking Christmas in July, why not get ready for Christmas in December? Go ahead and buy your kids that awesome pair of skates she’s had her eye on and save them to go under the tree come the holidays. You’ll be saving money and thinking ahead. The only problem? Choosing a good hiding spot from prying eyes!

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