The Coolest Tween Birthday Parties are at Sparkles!

tween parties in HiramParents, do you have a “tween” in the family? Tweens are typically defined as young people ages 9-12 years old… You know, those “between” ages where they’re too old and too cool for “kid stuff” (at least, they think they are) but not quite ready for teenagerhood!

As you may have discovered, planning a tween birthday party can be a challenge. The old standbys like bounce houses or backyard clown performances just don’t cut it any more. In fact, your tween just might die of embarrassment if you throw them a “little kid” birthday party.

So what’s a mom or dad to do? You want your “tweenager” and their friends to have a blast, but you also know that they’re still kids at heart. Fortunately, Sparkles Family Fun Centers of Hiram has the answer!

Our flexible and affordable birthday party packages make planning a tween birthday party in Hiram a breeze. There are 3 things you need to know to throw the best birthday party your kid has ever had:

  • They will want to (insert social media platform here) the experience. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram- whatever social media they’re allowed, they are going to want to post pics of all the fun they’re having with their friends! They’ll love our VIP party room complete with black light murals, as well as the dazzling,colorful lights of the skating rink. And of course there’s the must-have “armed and ready” shot of everyone in their vests before heading in to our 2-story laser tag arena!
  • They’ll be hungry! This age group may not be teenagers, but they still love to eat. Feed them well with our made-in-house pizzas or other yummy treats from Couey Cafe!
  • They need fun and games. No matter how old and cool they feel, tweens still just want to have fun with their friends, and they have a lot of energy! Make sure they don’t get bored by choosing fun activities (or letting them choose), like roller skating, laser tag, and playing games in the arcade. Our party packages let you choose the number of activities, so your birthday boy or girl can have a party tailored just for them.

Book your tween birthday party online now, or give us a call with any questions you have!

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