3 Tips for a Winning Team Party in Hiram

Hiram team partiesAn important part of supporting any team and its players is planning and hosting team parties after a victory. The winning team worked hard, played hard and fought hard for their victory – it’s time to celebrate! Team parties are also important for boosting morale and encouraging team players even if they don’t win first place. The key to any successful party is planning ahead.

Room for Everyone

Team parties often involve parents and siblings in addition to the players. It’s a good idea to consider an additional 1 to 3 people for each team member. The space you choose for your party needs to be large enough to accommodate everyone.

Feed Them Well

You can’t have a party without food and let’s face it, kids love to eat! Feeding large groups of people with different tastes and on a budget can be a challenge. Pizza parties provide an affordable way to feed large or small groups and the variety means there’s something for everyone. Sparkles makes all pizzas fresh and in-house so your team won’t run out of food before the party’s over.

Make it Fun

Now it’s time to focus on the most important part – making it fun and memorable! Planning fun activities increases attendance and participation at team parties. Sparkles offers fun activities for everyone – roller skating, laser tag, arcade games and an indoor playground.

Before running off to play, have the coach say a few words about each team member’s contributions. For an end of the season party, collect team photos and surprise the coach with a keepsake book or copies for each team member to create lasting memories.

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