3 Reasons Why Laser Tag is the Perfect Activity for People of All Ages

When it comes to birthday parties and other special occasions, laser tag themed parties are increasing in popularity for people of all ages. Whether you are a child celebrating a birthday or an adult out for a night of fun with friends, the game of laser tag allows players to enter a world of exhilarating, heart pumping competition in a safe, controlled environment, all in the name of fun! At Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram, our laser tag arena is unlike any you have ever seen! Our 3D two-story arena is full of barriers, black lights, hiding spots, strobe lights and more, to make sure your laser tag battle one for the books!

This high adrenaline game is gaining popularity in the family entertainment world for a multitude of reasons.

  1. laser-tag2Everyone has a role- Unlike arcade or sports games, laser tag is a very inclusive game. There is no need to wait your turn in line or sit out when playing. Everyone plays an important role on the battlefield and is needed to help earn points to get the win in the end.
  2. Fun and easy to master equipment- Kids, teens, and adults alike, all love to suit up in our lightweight vests with attached phasers, 3D glasses, and prepare their laser guns for the battle ahead. You really feel like a soldier getting ready for a mission! As each team gets ready to seek, aim, and fire their lasers at fellow opponents, the feeling of excitement always fills the room the moment our players put on their awesome gear.
  3. It’s a great form of exercise We challenge you to participate in a round of laser tag and not break a sweat! Whether it’s the exciting music, stimulating lights, hide and seek from the opposing team or the constant running around (or all of these combined), laser tag is a great way to get a heart pumping cardio session in, all while having fun.


At Sparkles, we believe in providing our Paulding County families with an experience like no other. Gather a groups of friends and come in to experience our 3D laser tag arena for yourself!

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